Terms & Conditions

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  • Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and must be use within the validity period.
  • Vouchers can be extended for three months on payment of an extension fee of £30.00 this can only be done once.
  • Once you book your day, you cannot cancel at short notice if you do then you will loose your day and your voucher will be invalid.  Standard consumer rights apply. 
  • All vouchers are subject to a seven day cancellation policy.
  • We may have to cancel your day due to bad weather conditions if this happens your voucher is still valid for you to re-book as normal.
  • All vouchers are sold subject to availability.
  • All vouchers are none refundable.
  • No show invalidates your voucher.
  • Photography day vouchers may have to be combined with full day falconry experience days.
  • Show and outside events;
  • All shows and events once booked can not be canceled at short notice, payment in full would still need to be made.
  • Once a booking is confirmed, either by word, email or letter then cancellation is at the discretion of Falconry Days.