School Visits

One of our missions is to educate and inspire future generations about the importance of birds of prey in the wild and captivity. Children should have the opportunity to experience and to learn about them as part of our British wildlife. We provide interactive, hands on educational talks and demonstrations in schools across the North of England.

Our demonstration sessions can be aimed at a variety of subjects across the school curriculum and are targeted at all ages of children. Talks include the opportunity to see birds of prey in flight and to handle the birds in a classroom setting. Flying may be undertaken indoors or outdoors, depending on venue and weather conditions.

Falconry and birds of prey can be applied to many subjects and can form the basis of lots of interesting tasks either to be carried on during the session or afterwards.

Costs and Packages

Week days only

Morning/Afternoon Session: 3 Hours


Full day: 5 Hours


Full Day Combined with outdoor falconry display: total cost £650.00

The above costs include traveling for one hour, if the distance is more, we charge £0.50 per mile.

Classroom session: 1hr

£250.00 plus traveling expenses.

Telephone & Email

Mark: 01434 689681 Email: info@falconrydays


  • Learn words that have been derived from terms used in Falconry
  • Write a poem or story about the birds you met and their character
  • Write an account of seeing a bird of prey in the wild
  • Meet the bird from the famous book "Kes" by Barry Hines


  • Guess the weights of the birds and learn how important weight is for Falconry
  • Learn about speed, G-force and distance
  • Work out how many voles are born in month!


  • Learn about senses in birds of prey; how they work and how they are different to humans
  • Evolution and adaption
  • Habitats and ecosystems - draw and label the right habitat or make a food chain for one of the birds.


  • Draw or sketch a bird throughout the session, they make interesting live subjects, especially the feather detail
  • Make a collage of birds and falconry
  • Draw and colour a picture of a bird looking for its prey in its wild habitat

We can cover other subjects including geography, history and technology too and there are many more ways to use the birds to learn for all topics.