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Rosie was found as a chick, she had fallen from her nest near a garden and was found by a member of the public. Rosie was handled and transferred to a veterinary surgery. She was the passed on to us at Falconrydays. Due to being moved away from the nest and handled by humans in the very early stage of her life Rosie became 'imprinted' on humans and can now never be released back into the wild as it would be both a danger to herself and humans she came into contact with due to her familiarity with people. Rosie would not be able to hunt and would quickly perish.

Although rescuing Tawny Owl chicks from ground seems like the correct thing to do, they often do not need rescued and their parents will be near-by. If necessary the chick could be moved somewhere a little more sheltered but many Tawny Owls are now in captivity when they could be surviving well in the wild.

Rosie will live the rest of her days happily at Falconrydays.