About Falconry Days


Tucked away in a beautiful unspoilt corner of Northumberland and set in fifty acres of private grounds on the edge of the famous Pennine Way you will find a family business with a real passion for birds of prey. Experience has taught us that lots of people from all walks of life share a similar fascination of Birds Of Prey. 

It is our aim at Falconry Days to unlock some of the mystery and allow you to get really close to these amazing creatures and at the same time promote the sport and well being of birds of prey, both in the wild and in captivity.

Professional Falconry Centre 

Falconry days is not a visitor centre with birds of prey in cages for people to walk around and just look at; we are a professional falconry business that trains and flies over 80 birds of prey, we are an activity centre and school for falconry with fully trained working birds of prey that we manage and fly in rotation on a daily basis on site and off site at country shows, schools, hotels, caravan parks and events throughout the country.

We don't have set flying times like most bird of prey centres, flying is not restricted to only short half hour displays making it unlikley that you will have just missed the flying.

Our day is spent first cleaning every bird enclosure, after the daily chores are done we turn our attention to flying and training all of the birds in the flying team. 

We are not a zoo and do not agree with bird of prey centres or Zoos keeping birds of prey or animals in cages just so that the public can look at them whilst claiming they are used for conservation purposes. 

Home for Life

We do not sell birds of prey; all become part of our family and stay at Falconry Days for all of their life. 

 We will help to rescue any wild bird of prey and try to get the bird back into the wild, we have put up bird boxes for both birds of prey and song birds and we make all of our Falconry Experience Days educational with the hope that people understand more about our native species and the plight of birds of prey bought as pets or held in poor quality bird of prey centres (zoos). 

So whether your interest is in falconry, bird watching, wildlife or just being out in beautiful countryside, Falconry Days will have something of interest to offer you.

If you are unsure about any of the options for your visit or you would like to pre-book your visit then just call us on 01434689681 but please remember we have lots of chores and birds to fly so if your call goes unanswered please keep calling back as we are always on site but not always near the phone.